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Frayne & Associés pharmacies are specialized in compounding and sterile preparations since 1997. Our expertise and advanced technology provide unique and innovative products to patients and healthcare professionals alike; our preparations meet the highest compounding norms and quality standards from NAPRA, OPQ and USP.

Our experienced and certified personnel undergo rigorous trainings annually in order to provide personalized prescription drugs. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment are calibrated and certified bi-annually to maintain consistent and accurate quality control. Each preparation is also supported by established formulations, which are validated by scientific studies or attested by qualified expert chemists.

We provide prompt and extensive service throughout Canadian provinces. Compounded non sterile and sterile medications, including category 3 cytotoxic drugs as defined by the NIOSH list, are prepared on site and delivered with minimal delay. Our two pharmacies, in Laval and Montreal, aim to fulfill the population’s growing need to obtain high quality pharmaceutical treatments.